3TC: Sundown Mama

Down in the valley sat in the centre of the meander of the river sits a small licensed cafe. From the outset it looks merely like another rustic venue but once inside the venue changes to a grandiose affair of amazing geometric shapes. At sunset the landlord offers a drinks promotion to waver people in for the night. These vary from day to day as the landlord wants to attract a diverse crowd. So some nights it is Cocktails, other nights it is “new beer” and others it can be Gin nights. The mix of patron’s is wide but there are regular customers who turn in day-to-day. One of the regular customers is a young lady with dyed black hair with electric red streaks, she is chunky and fairly short and dresses very much as a goth. Every night she arrives just before the sunset orders a glass of wine before indulging in the landlord’s special promotion. The staff nickname her the “Sundown Mama”, she is know to be very friendly but often distant about herself. Perhaps it is so she can feel safe, perhaps she is just a private person, no-one really knew.

It was a Fizz Friday and the Sundown Mama arrived at her usual time and ordered a glass of wine. She produced a well thumbed paper back and sat silently reading at a corner table. Once her wine was drunk and the offer began she returned to the bar and ordered her fizz. When she returned to her table she was surprised to see a man with a small moustache dressed in a white suit jacket, with a green shirt and black tie, black trousers, white hat and his face adorned by a pair of dark glasses. He was leaning on a cane and quietly drumming his fingers to a rhythm in his head.

“I am sorry but this table is occupied,” said the young lady.

The Man raised his head, “I know. I want to talk to you. I have a need for your services.”

“Services?” She replied. “Sorry but I am not that type of girl.’

“Oh I know you aren’t,” he said calmly. “You might have changed your appearance and altered your name, but I know who you are. You wouldn’t want certain people knowing where you are would you?”

The girl bit her lip, “it’s probably not important anymore.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” said the man. “So let’s talk business.”

The Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge: River, Sunset, Safe.


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