RDP: Spike in Transilvania

Spike in Transilvania was an early 90s computer game released on the 8 bit computers Amstrad CPC, Spectrum, and the Commodore 64. It was what was deemed a budget game, meaning it was cheap and rather short but provided many hours of entertainment. Essentially it was a game bought with pocket money. Anyhow it was a prime example of marketing as the game cover was very evocative (as were many C64 covers). The cover didn’t match the game sprites which had the titular Spike listed as Spike the Viking and looking suspiciously like Hagar the Horrible, but for its system the graphics were good and the gameplay was fun. I recall a few bugs such as not needing a canon to blow up a rocket if you just dropped the cannonball by the rock and an item floating up and down the screen if you dropped it at a particular location.

This was perhaps the last hoorah for the C64 and other 8 bit computers as the game consoles offering instant gaming arrived and a greater use of data available, so the limits of the old machines were showing. Plus you would have to wait up to five minutes for the game to load, but as the generation switched to the NES or Sega Master system, younger siblings were given the C64 as a hand me down and thus the market survived a little longer. In fact the C64 had a magazine running until 1996 which surprised me. Obviously the focus of the magazine changed as using the Commodore as something other than a computer to play games on became apparent.

A fun game, but for me it was the beginning of the end for the C64.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Spiky


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