Daily Word Prompt: Party Time?

The decorations are coming down and people are recovered from the festivities of Yuletide and soon Pub staff will be finding a night for them to have their Christmas parties. A fact that seems to rub some people up the wrong way. Having frequented various pub pages, there is always one group of people who are outraged that the staff dare to have a night off.

You know exactly what the post will be because “Well if People are complaining about no one going to pubs, perhaps they stay open.” Followed by a tirade of self-righteous indignation- which will somehow be down to the bloody EU… I tend to switch off or use the mute button.

Our staff party is due soon and it coincides with some maintenance work in the kitchen (nothing dramatic) so on that front we won’t be having that issue. Although my place of work isn’t far, I have sensibly booked a hotel room to recover in. Simply because Taxis will be expensive and of limited availability at the end of the night. So I got myself a comfy room and a full English Breakfast in the morning to aide my post party recovery.

Your Daily Word Prompt: Recovery

10 thoughts on “Daily Word Prompt: Party Time?

  1. My social group used to celebrate bdays on Sundays… with parties which literally lasted 14 hrs. I was quite pleased when I learned to schedule the following Mondays as vacation days!!
    I hope you enjoy(ed) your party!!
    fyi: it’s (sarcastic) tradition here to blame everything on Obama with the phrase, “thanks, Obama.’ As in, “Damnit… the pub is closed tonight… thanks, Obama.”


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