Share Your World 7th January 2019

Did you have to help out with chores when you were growing up? If so, what were you assigned to do?

Yes, I would do the dishes- either washing or drying. Rake up leaves off the lawn, do the hoovering and occasionally mo the lawn. When very young it was pretty much laying the table.

Have you ever researched your family tree? What do you know about your family’s roots?

Not really no, I may do as I get older. I know a few bits of my grandparents background, that my Mother’s Grandfather was killed in the bottle of the Somme. I know bits and pieces. Certainly my dad’s side of the family is more extensive.

What’s your cure for hiccups?

Drinking a glass of water backwards.

What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it? Either figuratively or literally?

That condescending tone of voice or tut you hear when I make the statement “I don’t want to have children.” I’m nearly 36, I bloody know my mind.


Share a gratitude or positive moment or experience from 2019 so far.

A silly one, I managed to not once accidentally date something with the 2018.

Share your world


One thought on “Share Your World 7th January 2019

  1. Hey, not using “2018” on something is HUGE. I usually do it at least once or twice before I remember it’s a new year. And I’ve always been curious. How does one ‘drink a glass of water backward?” I tried doing that once (or how I think one might do it, and I almost drowned myself!! Thanks for Sharing Your World this week 🙂

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