3TC: Bookcase

The Library of Cygnus Omega is reported to be the greatest resources of knowledge available to non-temporally developed races. Books, documents and more from across the galaxies are stored within it’s walls whether it be material dating back to the first cities in ancient Mesopotamia, the records of the shadows of the elemental spirits in tribal art of the outer rims to the hive mind of the Khjans in the scarlet zones, the library is a brain centre for the galaxy. But it also serves as a tribute to the knowledge which has been lost to history and been scattered through the sands of time. The Brotherhood of Librarians have dedicated themselves to the collection and distribution of knowledge and create a working road-map of Universal Data. The Librarians are drawn from across the universe and across species, the dedication to the task has over ridden the primitive obsession of the arrogance of self inflicted tribalism.

The library is available to anyone providing they are able to reach it, meaning essentially private charters flights, however funding is available for those whose financial means are restricted. The one concession is that each visit is greed by the Librarians and the visitors are permanently supervised for the materials are so rare, removal would be a major compromise to the library’s running. So it was quite the emergency when it was discovered that a book was missing from it’s self. It was agreed that someone should be hired to retrieve the book and it soon became obvious Who it was to be…

The Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Thing Challenge: books, lost, road map.

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