RDP: A Most Unwelcome Letter

The corporal crumpled up the note and threw it to the flaw and stared at it as it came to a halt at the foot of the stairs. She’d read it five times and her reaction had been the same. Numbness. It wasn’t shock or concern, she felt nothing. She rose from her chair and strolled to the telephone, she raised the receiver and slowly but purposely dialled a familiar number. She got an answer in under four rings.

“It’s Marie,” she said stoically. “I need you to come around as some as possible.”

Marie knew that this day would come and there would be no easy way to deliver the news, but the cold impersonal way of a typed and unsigned letter really took the biscuit. She uncrumpled the letter and read it almost hoping she had misread it the first time. The door bell rang and she answered the front door.

“What’s the beef?” Asked Liz as she entered. Marie handed her the letter in way of explanation. Liz read it, took a seat and mulled the data over. Finally she broke her silence. “So Mackenzie has escaped from the Holiday Camp.” She wrapped her fingers against her cheeks deep in thought.

“Yes,” answered Marie. “36 hours ago.”

Liz nodded. “Marie,” she began. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes,” answered Marie.

“Ok, it’s a small one,” she paused for dramatic effect..”Marie… Who the hell is Mackenzie???”

Marie looked shocked. Hadn’t One-Ten bought Mackenzie up during her training, even if she hadn’t, it seemed unlikely that Arthur wouldn’t have. Off the record at the very least

“Lindsay Mackenzie, served on the same special ops unit as I. Before his arrest, he promised he would kill me.’

“Marie, you’ve faced this sort of thing before…”

“I know….”

Liz paused, “he’s that dangerous I take it?”

Marie nodded.

“Well, I think you better fill me in.”

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Letter


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