FOWC: Cheers

For the bulk of my working life I have worked in Pubs and part of the parcel of the job is the conversation from your patrons which can be very diverse and you learn things about your clients you wouldn’t expect. But… I am sure every bar tender in the world will agree, there is always the pub bore who rattles on inanely about the same thing week in week out.

They are invariably late middle age to seniors who no doubt are let out once a week by their spouses so they can have a break. One I remember vividly was a chap who started and ended his sentences with “it was like…. Know what I mean.” It was a case of see him coming and find a job to do elsewhere.

Once I used my lunch break as a reason to hide in the conservatory and pass him to Tom and Mike. Upon my return to the bar I was greeted, in stereo, to “DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN.”

So I raise a toast to the bar tender and customer who takes one for the team and entertains the pub bore.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Inane

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