3TC: Afterwards

“I never knew the old town,” sighed Roberts. “My mother always used to tell me of how it was before the Sweats came.”

“How old were you?” Queried Jane.

“I’d have not even have been two years old.”

Jane shook her head, “I wasn’t even lucky enough to be born before the sweats.”

Roberts smiled, “she said it at the night the town would look magical. Street Vendors would be on every corner, actual people- not the Automaton we have now, selling products from all over the world. The street lighting even made the smoke from the chemical plants look pretty.”

“Streets full of people?” asked Jane. “That must have been amazing. It must have been magical to never be alone.”

“It must have been, but we should be thankful for the Automatons as we wouldn’t have been able to rebuild.”

“We wouldn’t have to if that demented President hadn’t insisted the plague as false information, even when his skin was rotting away.”

In response to the Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Thing Challenge, today’s words are: automaton, magical, twilight


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