DWP: One Night in Havana

I love this tune, it’s by a Hoagy Carmichael Band and was recorded in the same session which proved to be the final recording session of the legendary Bix Beiderbecke. However the video link below is slightly misleading as Bix sat out on the recording of this tune.

Now of course everyone knows Hoagy Carmichael’s name as he was the composer of Georgia on my Mind, Stardust, Two Sleepy People and countless others which would become ‘torch songs’ as the years went by.

I get a strong feeling of melancholic nostalgia in the ambiance of the song. I think it is Carmichael’s Shaggy Dog voice which adds a greater and personal feel to the lyrics which a singer with a more tuned voice might loose. The feeling of having truly lost someone special rings true and I can’t help but think that Hoagy should have recorded it again post-Cuban revolution as this would add a brand new factor to the lyrics.

Your Daily Word Prompt: Lost

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