Tell the Story Challenge

I have been nominated by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith to take part in this Challange. The rules of the challenge are to: 1) write something in response to the photo you are given, and 2) pick a picture of your own and nominate three people.

It had been pitched as the event of the year, the great balloon race of London town. People from all over the country had made there way to London to take part. There were all sorts from an outrageous inventor from Yorkshire who had insisted he created the ultimate hot air engine and all the other contestants should save embarrassment and simply not take part. It worked, a bit too well once three foot off the ground the engine incinerated the balloon. There were sporting types from Liverpool, a retired policeman from Lancashire and a rather eccentric solicitor from Portsmouth. The race had been a spectacle to be hold and was talked about for weeks afterwards. So naturally, when young Tim feel foul to the influenza outbreak, it was that day he choose to revisit on the anniversary of his passing.

My three nominations are

Super Jan



And my photo is

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