NDRW: The Barman who Came in From the Cold

There is nothing worse than being frozen out by people whom you supposed were your friends and buddies.

It happened to me thanks to a break up a girl friend and issues at work. The problem was that it is always tricky seeing ex’s most days a week. When they hang around with your mates it is hell… Then add flirting with your boss to the mix and it is tougher. You end up out in the cold and more more treated like a pariah. Less invites to events ,which considering my trade I mostly would mostly have to be declined but being asked would be nice and on the whole the feeling of being blanked.

We did try and make it work as friends but it never really worked out, there was definitely third party influence involved.

It was probably down to my friend from London visiting for a long weekend- which had been planned long before my girlfriend and I split, so it wasn’t like I was hiding anything.

Sadly even my London friend left me out in the cold eventually due to reasons I won’t go into at the moment.

But shortly afterwards the cold began to thaw out and the major reason was because of this young lady

It didn’t work out in the end, but she was pivotal in bringing me out of the cold.

Nova’s Daily Random Word: Frozen


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