DWP: A Vintage Year for Scoundrels

Adam Adamant Lives! was a fantasy crime show from the mid-sixties which ran for two series, it starred Gerald Harper as Edwardian spy and Adventurer Adam Adamant who gets frozen in 1902 and is thawed out in the 1960s. Shocked by 1960s culture he sets himself up as an agent to put decent values back into society. He is aided and abetted by plucky young lady Georgina Jones played by Juliet Harmer, and is served by butler William E Sims played by Jack May.

It’s a mixed bag, clearly intended to be a BBC rival to the Avengers but suffers a bit from the BBC’s in house style and a lack of focus on how the character finds the 60s. Sometimes he is utterly bewildered by the world around him and yet perfectly at home driving a Mini and circumnavigating various set ups.

But it is certainly worth a watch and it is clear by the end of the first the writers have began to get the formula correct, and this is reinforced by the two surviving episodes of season 2, the second season having fallen foul of BBC archive purge.

Your Daily Word Prompt: Adamant


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