RDP: Chef

I like to cook, while dating Philippa and later Mary-Moo, I would at least try and cook a meal for them at least once a month.

Philippa was the first girl I cooked a three course meal for and it consisted of a homemade Honeyed Parsnip Soup, Chilli Con Carne, and a fruit lasagna.

Mary-Moo I tended to keep it a little more simple and healthier as she was a member of Slimming World, so it tended to be grill fish, a salad and new potatoes.

Heather is a little tricky due to her dietary requirements and more importantly, she doesn’t like to be cooked for and prefers to do her own thing.

Would I want to work in the kitchen at work? No siree, I enjoy cooking and I think doing in it a high pressure situation would take any joy from it. I base this on being forced into doing Swimming at secondary school, swimming being the one sport I enjoyed and would go out to do in my free time. Of course being PE teachers all the joy was taken out of it and that was that for ages, until I could make my own why to the pools and meet up with friends. The problem was I ended up having to go with my sister whose constant rhetoric was “you have had the lessons at school, you shouldn’t be doing it like that.” This was not confined to Swimming, she had to constantly derail anything fun for me.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Cook

One thought on “RDP: Chef

  1. I totally understand how pressure can take the enjoyment out of something you love. We always loved swimming and ended up competitive swimming. One of our instructors used to yell at us to kick our legs out harder and she used to shout at us to drive harder and harder and not lag behind.
    For years after I left the swimming club I was in, I still heard her voice and felt myself tense up every time I went swimming.

    It’s always always nice be willing to cook for someone. The only boyfriend who ever did that for me had trained to work as a chef. Although Goldfinch as made me breakfast – as in toast 🙂

    Noone else has even attempted. But to be honest – I loved spoiling them with my cooking and baking.

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