NDRW: The Secondary Phase

I hated Secondary School for the most part, snotty teachers and oppressive peers made my school life absolute hell.

Being of a musical and theatrical nature I was naturally interested in these topics and in my first year I enjoyed Drama and Music but from the second year there were changes in Staff in the departments and we end up with tutor’s who saw this topics as also-rans.

One of my favourite teachers (no not the busty English Teacher) was a Science Teacher called Mr Bate and he was a very good teacher and as camp as Christmas. He understood that in order to teach, you had to keep the class engaged and one way to do that is to have practical demonstrations and his class of the digestive system stuck with me so much I wrote it into a screenplay set in a school.

Primary School, my memories of the teachers is that they were all stern-faced with thin pencil moustache’s, except for maybe one or two of the men, whom came to teaching because there was a shortage of small South American states to be dictators of.



Nova’s Daily Random Word: Secondary


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