YDWP: Script

I received an email from Mrs A yesterday and with it was a PDF of a copy of a forthcoming script from her current theatre group, she’s highlighted a part she thinks I should audition for.

Not going to dismiss it out of hand I read it. The script will run to about an hour’s duration (it’s not really possible to time a script just from the paper) and will be an act in series of plays across the performance.

Starts off well as it is set in one of my favourite crime sub-genres, the big house mystery. Some intriguing characters at first… But some of the dialogue is woeful and there too many stock one note characters and a few too many clichés… It might work as an hour to pass the time as the pace is frantic so you won’t have time to think about it.

The jury is out

Your Daily Word Prompt: Derivative

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