Extreme Close Up

For those of us who grew in the late eighties and early nineties the term extreme close up will immediately bring smiles and thoughts of Mike Myer’s Wayne’s World films and comedy shorts but it is also a genuine camera term although sometimes it is referred to as a BCU (Big Close Up).

Most of my “acting” experience has been on the stage which as Douglas Camfield stated is “a bunch of actors shouting in long shot’ and does not heed to the need or benefits of the camera script or shot blocking. I have on a few occasions had a play recorded (normally in dress rehearsal) but the one responsible for the videoing didn’t really make much us of the equipment offered and pretty much set the camera on a set position and was pretty static. A pity as I felt an extra dimension could have been added to the production for the recording… I suspect the main reason was just some feedback and assessments could be made for future productions.

The amdram group Mrs A frequents is a setup in terms of technology in that they have a video screen and projector which means that prerecorded material or moving backdrops can included in the productions. Often the prerecorded material or establishing footage is used there to cover set changes and reduce the need for small distraction moments of two characters in front of the curtains to cover the gap. This is often good as those “cut-scenes” tend to be laboured and take the audience out of the play.

Mrs A was the first one to have a prerecorded insert in the group and by all accounts it was a very memorable occasion.

YDWP: Extreme

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