3TC: Life’s a Beach (mature content)


The heat was high and we’d walked for a long way, we were a long way from anyone else on the beach and we’d found a small tucked away meander and set down the beach towels and picnic basket.

“Charming spot,” I said.

“Well after the crowds by the hotel pool I thought it’d be nice to have some peace and quiet,” she said with a smile. She started to unpack her bag and I crossed over to the small out crop of rock by the cliff.

I crouched down and examined the patterns on the rock and noted the slated appearance. “Predominant cleavage,” I said, a little louder then I intended.

“Thank you,” she called out. I turned and saw that she had removed her T-Shirt and shorts and was clad in a green bikini which just about held her in.

I blushed, “I meant on the rock.” I said by way of explanation. She looked nonplussed, so I gave her a very brief lecture on Geology.

“Well it’ll certainly be a different take on ‘I met a rock star on holiday,” she laughed. She beckoned me to join her as she unpacked the hamper, “plenty of different sandwiches, a few nice drinks and various pickles to add.”

We had our picnic and talked about our holiday so far and the oddity of us coincidentally meeting again. “It’s a little less awkward this time,” she laughed. She picked up a bottle of suntan lotion and started rubbing it into herself. “I don’t want to burn,” she said as she did so. She paused a little as her hands approached her cleavage, I politely turned away for her to do what was necessary. I turned back and she was facing away from me, “could you do my back?” she asked. I obliged.

About thirty minutes passed and I was over heating a bit and said I was going to go for a dip in the sea, she said she’d would join me and we frolicked abo about in the sea for a bit. We dried ourselves off afterwards and she started to lotion herself up again, she paused mid-way, “do you mind if I get a fuller tan?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said not really sure what she meant.

“Thanks, I daren’t do this too publically,” she said as her hands disappeared behind her and unclipped her bikini top and tossed aside to the floor.

“Umm miss…” I stammered as she did so.

“Oh come on, it’s a long way from the classroom” she smiled, “besides it’s not like I haven’t seen you similarly.” She offered me the lotion bottled, “do you want to lotion up the girls?” Timidly I took up her offer and she lay back soaking up the sun.


“We’re very isolated out here,” I said.

“Yes, that’s why I have the girls out,” she replied.

I was curious to see what her reaction would be to what I said next, “we haven’t seen anyone for 90 minutes…” I began.

“…no we haven’t.”

…”why don’t you go all over?” I joked, hoping she’d take in humour. She looked at me puzzled and then down at her briefs and made the connection. She paused and looked at me,

“Take my pants off and be totally naked?” she asked rhetorically.

I nodded, she smiled and teased with the elastic. “Only if you do too.”

I had only been joking but nodded, “yeah ok. It’s not like you haven’t seen it before.”

“No,” she smiled and slipped off her panties. I paused, a little stunned, “Well?” she gestured at me. Sheepishly I dropped my swim shorts and gestured we go for a skinny dip. We did so and once we emerged lay on the towels, heart beats racing.  “That was very exhilarating,” I said. She lent over up over me, sea water glistening on her naked skin.

“Yes, it was.” She looked around. “We are very isolated here aren’t we?” she said with a smile.


“Come on guys,” said the over-enthusiastic girl to a team of disgruntled college students, “the cove is not far now.” There were mutterings from the back but she ignored them and turned the corner… “ok maybe later, ” she said retreating. She turned back just to confirm. In the middle of the beach on a couple of towels was an amply bosomed woman of about forty, stark naked riding a guy in his twenties. She looked up and spotted the girl and quickly cover her chest and smiled with embarrassment.


“What’s up?” I asked as she stopped and covered her breasts.

“People,” she half-said half-moaned. She went to move off and reach for her bikini top. She looked up again and loosened her hands off her breasts and smiled. “Let’s just give them a show, they don’t know us.”  She started her movements again.

The Haunted Wordsmith Three Thing Challenge: Rock Star, Beach, Pickle

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