RDP: Cold Comfort

Luckily the snowfall on Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning was only fleeting and the only real issue I had was a bit of a frosted windscreen on the car, which was just a mild inconvenience and an excuse to have another cup of tea while the car heated up. It is this time of year that when working the evenings I bring a towel in the car with me and leave it over the windscreen during shift, this is mostly just to save a time at the end of the night as it is more of a hindrance to be waiting for the windscreen to defrost in the wee small hours, particularly as there is no where to really wait other then in the car.

The worst frost experience happened to Mrs A in a stage production of “The Big Sleep” which involved being stuck on the fire escape in the cold as she was attired in the scene she’d just done. Brrr

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Frosted

One thought on “RDP: Cold Comfort

  1. thank gawd the worst I have to deal with is foggy windows. i keep a squeegee in the car to remove dew before driving… unlike others, I enjoy being able to see when I reverse and drive.


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