FOWC: The Last Resort

“Welcome to Birdland, the North West’s finest holiday camp. The answer is yes, what is the question?” Ejaculated the chief Purple Coat as he welcomed in the latest coach party. They were a mix of a crowd ranging from a family with young children to an elderly couple. He greeted each person with enthusiasm and guided the cup-bearing Purple Coat girls to distribute the fruit punch to the children, the sparkling wine to the ladies and the Mild to the gents.

He approached a mismatched couple. The man was in his fifties, hair greying and possibly wearing a girdle and looked a very serious and imposing figure. The girl was tall and thin with a mischievous elfin face and looked to be about twenty. She was looking somewhat uncomfortable in her rather formal attire… The Purple Coat assumed they were Father and Daughter… Well that or the man was a very rich man.

“I am Godfrey, I will be your rep for the duration of your stay,” He said introducing himself with a hearty handshake.

“Please to meet you,” answered the man..”My name is Arthur and this is my ward Julia.” He indicated the girl.

Ward? Not related then.. perhaps he was her foster dad.

The introductions were prompt and people were checked into their chalets. Godfrey lingered as Arthur and Julia entered their connecting accommodation. He would have to keep an eye on those two. This was a family establishment and he didn’t buy that “my ward” nonsense. There was something not right about those two, their body language was all wrong. Were they company spies?

“One day,” lamented Arthur, “I will be assigned a live assignment where I don’t look like I am a who hangs around Secondary School graduation parties.’

“One-Ten really has it in for you at the moment,” replied Sevenpenny. She threw herself down on her bed. “Ok Arthur why are in a grotty little holiday camp?”

“Perhaps One-Ten remembered your expenses bill from the Caribbean,” Arthur offered as a suggestion. He smiled, Sevenpenny didn’t. He coughed and became more serious. “What do you know of Professor Hilda Cartwright?”

“She’s a genius, the Times listed her as a young upcoming woman to keep an eye on,” she began. “And she disappeared eight days ago.”

“Correct and this place is the last location we know she was in,” said Arthur. “Science doesn’t pay much hence holidaying in Birdland.”

“Very much the last resort,” laughed Sevenpenny.

“That purple coat is watching us you know.” Said Arthur sternly. “He may well just be a gossiper but there may be more. Keep an eye out.”

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Resort


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