O So Way

From A Guy Called Bloke

Been so drunk, just couldn’t walk

Oh No Way. Not got that bad.

Had a near death experience

Oh no way.

Talked to yourself in public

Oh so way- often it is the only way to get an intelligent answer

Lied about age in order to fit in to the crowd

Oh no way

Gatecrashed a party

Oh no way

Sniffed your underwear to see if it’s clean or dirty

Oh no way

Not paid a restaurant bill … deliberately

Oh no way- at least not in the sense of running out.

Woken up in a strange place, oblivious as to how you got there

Oh no way

Worn clothing inside out

Oh so way. Often after visiting Mary or Hannah….

Broken a mirror

Oh no way

Believed in a conspiracy theory

Oh no way

Been involved in a riot

Oh no way

Punched someone

Oh so way. And there are a few people who I would happily punch in the face.

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