3TC: Sandstorm



The constant rhythm of the Helicopter’s rotating blades was being to get to Tanel, it was a constant irritation like a mild headache. He checked his co-ordinates, he was sure he was in the right location. They were now far enough into the desert to be out of aerial tracker range and there was not a cat in hell’s chance that the city would be scanning the ground this far out. He landed the helicopter smoothly and disembarked and scanned the ground with the portable detector, the mineral content proved that the area was rich in ore and the Sandminer’s could be deployed here to extremely profitable use but he wasn’t here for that. Not yet any way. He walked for about half an hour before he started getting the readings he was after, high metal content, electro-magnetic field plus the distinctive tachyon field of a Jaspar class flyer. After a visual check he found the entrance to the flyer and overrode the security lock and entered the cockpit. He crouched below the control panel and slipped a long thin cylinder to the control stick. He pressed a few buttons on his communicator and the ends of the cylinder glowed a dark blue, the bomb was now set. A warning alarm activated on his suit; the sandstorms were due in an hour. They would cover the flyer once more and leave Kartan unsuspecting if he decided to make an early get away. He returned to his helicopter and headed back to the city.

“Do you think it is necessary?” asked Commander Shore.

“Tanal doesn’t trust Kartan, why would he?” asked Jenna lying back on her bunk. “He knows Kartan from Slir’s embassy on Gauda Omega.”

“Did he work for Slir or Hunter?” asked Commander Shore as he lay next to her on the bunk and ran his hands through her hair

“He’s freelance, probably both at the same time and a few more extra.” She rolled around to face him. “He’s not going to approve of us you know.”

“That’s his issue, we need a get out plan just in goes tits up,” said commander Shore. “We have 72 hours before the Aquarius is in range and we can communicate with the Frank main frame again.”

“So this is wisest cover story for us,” said Jenna. “I can pick up intel from my next client.”

The Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge: bomb, desert, jasper


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