A Night at the Opera

Slightly inspired by Crushed Caramel’s post Party’s Over Señorita

Way back in 2009 just before Christmas.I went for a two week holiday on the Venezuelan Isle of Margarita which is in the Caribbean and is the closest island to the mainland of Venezuela. I had gone with Levi and Pete who were regular drinkers at my pub and Pete’s Mum. During the holiday Pete and Levi went off to do an excursion to the Orinoco Delta and I opted to save money at stay behind and pretty spent two days on my tod with a bit of time with Pete’s Mum, who was also taking time out. I spent most of the time two days catching some sun and reading a few books. Come the evening I was enjoying a few cocktails at the bar and the hotel’s entertainment started which was the dreaded Karaoke. I mistakenly believed that a couple of young lasses were looking through the book for performances but it turned out to be some college work.

Eventually I found a copy and put myself for up for a few songs including Mr Bojangles and returned to the company fellow Brits I had met over the last few days. Shortly after the tall skinny girl from earlier popped across and said she enjoyed my performance and I said thanks. Graham later told me… “You do realise she was trying to chat you up don’t you?” Now I don’t know if he was winding me up or if the cocktails had dulled my senses or not but it just seemed like a nice young lady passing on a compliment.

It was the next week and it just so happened to be our last night and my clan were sort of all assembled (though Pete had decided to retire early “because he had bogies”) so it was Levi and I putting the world to rights and we were joined by the two girls and the chap who was one of the girl’s father. The girls were called Isabella and Andrea and were from Austria, what they were studying at University I cannot recall, I strongly suspect it was Isabella doing the studying while on Holiday. It came round to the Karaoke again and we indulged a bit, at one point I was joined by a cheerful German I had met over the holiday, but mostly it was the girls and I from our table. Isabella was a little more shy but I certainly did a few “duets” with Andrea including “We Are the Champions” in which we failed to keep up with the words and Beatles classic “Hey Jude”- which actually na-na-,-na Naaan-a-naa-naa written down! The dad did video us and did mention about putting it on Google so my holiday warbling might be preserved online somewhere. Now whether or not Isabella had taken a shine to me I don’t really know, but her friend Andrea certainly had to Levi but since it was the last night the route to rudimentary romance on both our parts were not explored.


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