NDRW: Gossip Guy

Gossip is something I don’t really like, it’s a hindrance on good people and fuels negative behaviour towards others.

Case in hand for me was my teacher friend got me in touch with an amateur film maker who was trying to break it on the industry and was pretty much working on a microbudget and as such was reliant on friends, family and favours for various parts of the production. Ideally a microbudget is best for short films and pieces but this chap had an idea of a bit of portmanteau piece which could if needs be be split into small digestible chunks. She was talking about helping him find actors for the it and offered herself to act as floor manager and when one of the segments cropped up they needed a tall bearded male for the role who looked like your average Joe to play the part of a chap who ends up on a blind date with a college student. I was interviewed and thought it would be a fun gig and I was told that thanks to a bit of Gossip from other sauces he believed there was a particular talent I had which would be particularly beneficial to the part and would I be willing to display this talent on screen. I agreed after a bit of negotiation and we went on to film this short.

Gossip returned when about seven months later the film was shown in a local film club and attending the club was a drinking friend of mine and his 19 year old daughter whom I shall call Dayna for the purpose of this, whose friend was in fact the girl playing my on screen partner and had invited them to see it. Well up on my arrival in the Pub I was greeted by ‘Dayna’ who pretty much greeted me with “I saw that movie you were in. I was very surprised to see you and even more so to see your talent… Was that actually you or were you wearing some kind of body suit?” I embarrassedly said no body suit which was later confirmed by her pal. Problem was that gossip was getting around now that I was in a ‘movie’. A rather unfortunate event I found.

NDRW: Gossip


One thought on “NDRW: Gossip Guy

  1. “you must live life so as not to care about what anyone else says about you, even if what they say is wrong” (paraphrasing a quote I read years ago which is prob from someone famous but I don’t recall)


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