3TC: The Beast Below

I tied the launch alongside the jetty and helped my friend down from the deck. I gestured him to get the girl from the boat fire unit. A few moments later she approached looking some what irate, understandable we were three hours late. Before she could say anything I advised her to come with me to the rear of the launch. She was grumbling that she had alerted the coast guard as we hadn’t radioed to say we had encountered trouble.

“We have an excuse,” I replied and gestured the tarpaulin that was covering the rear deck. “Our radio mast was totalled by….” I paused, unsure as to how to proceed. “Take a look for yourself,” I finally settled on. The girl shrugged and pulled back the tarpaulin. She gagged on the smell and looked at curiousity below. The deck was cover in a blueish fluid and she was looking at the gory severing of the tip of a tentacle. It was about the length of the deck and was clearly the very end of one. The foul smell caused us both to cough and we returned to the bow.

“What the hell happened?” She asked.

“We thought we had run aground on a submerged atol,” I said. “They we started rolling and that mother broke the surface and well, it severed itself on the deck and took the radio mast with it.”

She was looking back at the deck, I think she was thinking the same as me. Had we really just accidentally found the fabled Kraken? If so no wonder it hadn’t been found, every one was looking in the warmer oceans, not the icy depths of the North Sea. She invited me to the office to make a statement. She disappeared into the office and left the door ajar, I could make out she was on the phone. I strained my ears.

“Hello, yes this Marlowe Marina, Roz speaking. I need to be connected with UNIT HQ.”

Teresa, the Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge: Girl, Tentacle, Sea


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