3TC: Ice Station Cygnus


The planet Cygnus Minor is on the far fringes of known space and is the known as the Ice Giant. For centuries the Union and the neighbouring zones ignored the planet. It was too far out from the solar system’s sun and the permanent tundra across it’s surface rendered the environment hostile to mammalian life. What precious little heat there can only be found at the planet’s equator and that barely registers on the positive side of a thermometer except at the height of what would the planet’s summer. That was until it was discovered that the planet hid a wealth of minerals down in it’s icy heart and the Union and the neighbouring Zones expressed an interest. Cygnus Minor was now a favourable commodity and in a rare example of co-operation the various populations formed a mutual agreement upon the harvesting of the resources.

“I can believe we’re got to that bloody planet,” commander Shore complained bitterly as he punched in the flight co-ordinates into the navigation computer.

“We all aren’t happy about it,” retorted Lt. King. “Some of us though, choose not to unload our miseries onto everyone else.”

Commander Shore muttered some insult in his native tongue under his breath. “Course laid in, Cygnus Minor at speed standard by 5. Estimated flight time 45.8 hours. Handing over to computer control.” He typed in a few numbers and removed himself from the flight deck, once again muttering in his native tongue. Lt. King and smiled to himself and returned his attention to his flight station, there was the usual communication traffic on the network. He produced his holo-Spectacles, put them on and relaxed watching a recently made Holo-Film. The planet of destination was displayed across the main viewing screen, the blue, white and silver planet sat there awaiting their arrival. Little did the crew know what was waiting for them on Cygnus Minor, buried deep beneath the ice and lost in the dark lie a malevolent force patiently awaiting for someone to arrive. Cold dark eyes were watching the stars awaiting rediscovery, they would soon get what they desired.

The Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge: Ice, bloody, spectacles


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