Thanks to Crushed Caramel for nominating me in this Finish the Story challenge.


roman bath

“Last one in is a sissy,” called out Mrs Lambert as she half ran towards the plunge pool, slowly undressing to the swimming costume she had on under her clothes. She jumped into the pool and allowed herself to stay submerged beneath the surface for a few moments before breaking the surface. A gaggle of students were making their way to the pool indulging in the usual student banter between themselves, a few minutes later they were all in the pool messing around and water bombing one another. It was a bit of a diversion from the scheduled itinerary but the weather had turned a little so an afternoon on the beach was pretty much ruled out. The last thing she wanted was the school trip to end like a wet holiday with the Grandparents. She calmed everyone down and outlined her plan for the day.

“As you know, the weather has chosen to be against us so I have bought us to this Water Park. We’re here for two hours and when they are up I want you all to meet me back here. Stay in groups of a minimum of three. The other teachers are keeping an eye on you so don’t think you have a free for all. Please be respectful of the other users of the park. Off you go then.” The pupils climbed out of the pool. “One last thing, remember that toilets are for peeing in!” There was wave of giggles from the students and they disappeared off in to the water park, leaving Mrs Lambert alone in the pool. She waited a few minutes and hauled herself out of the pool and made her way to the steam room. She pulled open the door and was greeted by a pair of attendants who guided her to a booth and she made herself comfortable on the bench. She lay back for a bit soaking in the heat when out of the steam came a familiar looking figure who smiled as he arrived.

“I wondered how you engineer this meeting,” said the man. “Nice rouse what with the weather.”

“It was a fairly easy way to do it,” replied Mrs Lambert. “Have you got the stuff?”

The man nodded and handed her a small bottle, “it’s here. I will have it slipped into your treatment bag.”

“Excellent, you should have the rest of money upon verification.”


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