Last Week


It has been a fairly decent week I guess. Sunday was a good day and a rare one which I had off, so naturally I went done to Jazz Club 90 of the lunchtime to see the band which was the new to the club Alex Clarke Hot Five which showcased a young rising talent on the Midlands jazz scene and was backed by two very familiar young faces Jamie Brownfield and Jack Cotterill. Alex is a young reeds player who can’t be much older then 20 and was very good, she had sat in TJ Johnson at Upton Jazz Festival 2017 which I discovered afterwards. I liked the gig so much I bought her debut cd which is called Mirage after the Tubby Hayes composition. I did the Sunday Jazz double and went to the evening gig at the Wild Pig in Shrewsbury which was the Derek Harrison Trio and guests and was a fun evening with lots of dad jokes and an amusing moment where the music stand collapsed mid-performance, between these two gigs I also found time to have lunch and watch the film version of Quatermass 2, as you can see, it was a busy day for me.


Monday was my other day off and unfortunately Heather was busy all day so it was another me day and I was determined that I wouldn’t spend anytime of it in a pub. I headed to town to see the late morning showing of the film “Bumblebee” which was a sort of prequel to the Michael Bay Transformers movies of which I have seen precisely…. zero. The Transformers franchise was one I never really watched, not even the cartoon as a child though I knew enough to know who Octomus Prime is and the basics. These details are given at the start of the film as we witness the fall of Cybertron and Octomus Prime’s retreat into the galaxy. To be honest although I guess it does set the story and links it in with the main series of films I felt it could have been excised quite easily, all it really does is explain why and how Bumblebee got to Earth and that is recapped later in the film anyway. This is pretty much a family friendly romp of a film which satires some of the naff ‘teen befriends an alien/Robot’ movies of the 1980s such as “Mac and Me” and “Short Circuit” which is no doubt why the makers decided to set it in that decade. There are some hideously obvious moments of back-projection towards the end of the film which I imagine was intended to be ironic but on the whole the film was a pleasant distraction for a Monday lunchtime and there were plenty of self-aware jokes in the film to keep you smiling. A particular couple of favourites were the villainous Transformers creating the internet… on analogue phone wires and the military general’s line “I am not sure we can trust them, they literally just called themselves Deceptacons.” I chilled for the rest of the day and played some retro video games.

Tuesday was a fairly steady day at work but the evening was marred by mobile phone deciding to die and I wasn’t able to get it sorted until Friday. I don’t know what caused it but the screen failed but I could still ring it, most odd. Anyway I was due for an upgrade anyway so rather then claim on the phone insurance and pay £100 excess I upgraded for a new phone which came with a tablet as part of the deal and the rate was just about the same as I was paying before and have more mobile data. All I need to know is cancel my old tablet’s contract.

Wednesday was a bit of a comedy of errors as I went to pick Heather up from her home, only to find that she had gone to Telford to meet me and because I was phoneless I had no idea. Anyway we met up and popped down to Enginuity as she wanted to have a word with the guys at the fab lab about using the 3D printer for spare parts for her animatronic parrot “Squarks McQuark”, but the printer wouldn’t produce robust enough material, all in all that day didn’t go as planned.

Sunday just gone was a return to the usual Sunday routine at work in terms of both shift and number of patrons and Monday I had a pleasant afternoon stroll up the Wrekin with Heather.


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