Drinks at 7

“When I was a young all I wanted was the respect of honest men and the undying adulation of attractive women, all I know now is that I want a cup of tea.”

“Oh very droll,” murmured the Colonel while gentle pressing down his wiry moustache. “I would say another glass of that fine Sherry you keep would be a much better proposition.”

“I concede your point Cornelius,” laughed Hercule and made his way to the drinks cabinet, selected the Sherry and poured himself and the Colonel a generous measure each. “I hasten to inquire as to way you have graced my humble abode with your presence this evening.”

“Ah Hercule, it is something of a dastardly deed that I have had to put upon you like this,” began the Colonel. “I favour once that you had a connection with a detective.”

“A detective? Why yes, indeed upon my work travels I did meet with the need to hire such a fellow,” confirmed Hercule. He took a sip from his Sherry. “My dear Cornelius, prey enlighten me as to what has driven you of all men to need the services of such a man.”

“It’s a bally embarrassing thing all in all,” started the Colonel. “Remember that jewelled sword I was awarded by his grace? Well some bounder has had the gall to steal the thing and replace with a cheap imitation.”

Hercule choked on his drink, “the confounded cheek!” He ejaculated, “the nerve of some people.” He crossed to his desk draw and produced a card, “this is the one.” He handed it to the Colonel who accepted it gracefully.

“Thank you my friend, now lets see if we can track down the bounder who stole it,” said the Colonel studying the card. “I am sure Mr M Cooper will be happy to oblige.”

Daily Word Prompt: Adulation


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