3TC: Garden thoughts

The grass was populated with rotten apples dropped from the tree at the bottom of the garden and the sun beat down on the bikini clad lady as laid back on a picnic blanket absorbing the sun’s rays.

She thought about her partner who was currently away on a tour with his band in Michigan, in the past people had queried whether she was concerned about him getting friendly on tour. She long since decided that there was no point worrying about it all, if it happened it happened.

She spotted a red dot appear on her leg, it was no doubt young Johnny with his laser pointer, he was harmless but it was a bit annoying. She looked in his direction and noticed he was trying to tease his cat with the red dot and had misfired as it were, he looked at little embarrassed as she faced him. “Having fun are we?” she asked sternly.

“Sorry miss,” replied Johnny and went back to teasing the cat.

Her phone rang, it was Ted’s number, she wasn’t expecting a call. She answered, “Hi Ted, what is it?”

“The tour has hit a snag so we’ll be home next week,” he replied.

“That’s a bugger,”

“Very much so, still nevermind.”

It looked like they would be spending the summer together afterall.


Light Motifs Three Thing Challenge: apples, laser, Michigan

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