3TC: Job Interview

“So tell me how did you lose your stripes?” queried Prendercast. taking a sip from his cloudy lemonade- well that was it officially was, he had actually mixed a large gin into the glass as well.

“It’s very simple,” replied Morgan. “I refused to become turncoat on the soldiers in my platoon. They had gone against orders and if they hadn’t that would have been wiped out in a single volley, and wouldn’t have been able to turn the battle at Ice Cap 4 into a victory for our side.”

“Intriguing,” replied Prendercast. “Loyalty to your men in a time of great oppression is to be commended to your favourite. Disobeying orders, well as you say… the end justified your actions.”

“The committee didn’t see it that way,”

“No well these military minds tend to work in a very binary mentality. The set up we have here is… not military not there may be a need to shoulder arms.”

“I take it I am recruited,”

“You will have to pass the Astronaut training programme first,” answered Prendercast, “But yes. Even if you fail I think we could use you elsewhere. You see we want to set up a United Union of the Seven Systems. We cannot physically bring the planets together but we can at least allow their people to belong together.”



Light Motifs Three Things Challenge: stripes, lemonade, astronaut

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