3TC: Flower Power

Light Motfits Three Thing Challenge: bouquet, telephone, screwdriver

Ring-ring, ring-ring, ring-ring

The tinny sound of the telephone echoed down the corridors Blakely Manor and attracted the attention of Wilcox, the butler, who made his way to the telephone.

“Lord Blakely’s residence, I regret to inform you that his lordship is indisposed for the next three weeks.” He paused and listened to the callet. “My humble apologies your lordship…. No Misstress Blakely has not departed as of yet.” He listened to the caller a bit longer. “Very good sir, indeed I was about to take her her afternoon cocktail. Good day sir.” He hung up the phone and returned to the kitchen where he collected a drinks try which had a single glass at its epicentre.

Misstress Blakely had just been attended by her lady’s maid when the butler arrived. “Your screwdriver ma’lady.” he announced and placed the tray on the table.

“Thank you Jenkins,” she replied. “Do you like them?”

“Ma’am?” inquired the butler.

“The flowers,” she smiled indicating a bouquet of blue tulips on the dresser. “I bet it was that nice Mr Pilkington from the village who sent them.”

“One would not like to comment ma’am,” replied the butler making his exit. He walked down the corridor mind racing. Blue Tulips… He had hoped this day wouldn’t come but it had… He was being awakened.

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