More Q and A for Miss

Mrs A is about doing some dog sitting. If anyone wants to ask her questions please do so, she’ll get back to through the comments


4 thoughts on “More Q and A for Miss

  1. Here is one question that I wondered as an English teacher if you might know…when I did my GCSE English there was a short story in the anthology called “Snowdrops” about a little boy in a Welsh village and his teacher who seems to have been bereaved of her secret love. Lots of people seem to recollect it. But I can’t find a copy of it anywhere? Do you know the piece and where I might find it?

    Here are some other questions for Mrs A loosely related to English / Drama:

    Favourite book?
    Favourite play?
    Do you like poetry?
    Favourite poem/poet?
    Have you ever been to drama/acting classes before getting involved with a theatre group?
    What made you want to teach?
    Do you try to get your students thinking and reasoning and expressing their views?

    I have to go now….client has just arrived.


    • It’s not a book I recall using but I could find out during the week.

      1. The Catcher in the Rye
      2. As a text to teach, to watch or to perform?
      3. I do but having to mark school children’s poems does take it out of you
      4. I like Alice Walker and Wordsworth particularly
      5. I did while doing training.
      6. It was a desire to educate and help people.
      7. I try to but it is a tricky one to fit around the curriculum and respect boundaries

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      • From an audience point of view I enjoyed After Juliet which is a sequel to Romeo and Juliet, and a Willy Russell called “Our Day Out” which is about a special needs class having a day out to Wales. From a performance point of view I like pantomines because you can let your hair down and be a bit OTT. I also found doing the Big Sleep quite liberating.


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