Progression (mature content/ NSFW hidden images)

Continuing the blackmail story, read the previous entry here

The woman sat in her car and quickly pulled out her mobile and telephoned the boss, he was not going to like it.

“Artemis here,” she began, “he’s resisting our sales technique. I think he is going to be a harder nut to crack than the teacher.”

“I should ask you why you are lurking around my yard,” said Andy studying Arthur trying to solve his odd body language.

“It is very simple I was watching you,” replied Arthur. “Since you seem to be on edge I think you know why.”

“It’s about the fire isn’t it?”

“Not directly but yes,” answered Arthur. “I think we should go inside.”

“He’s a guy I occasionally fuck,” said Vicky regaining her self control. “You should know I have a high sex drive.”

There was a long pause and the blinding lights shimmered for a moment. “He has been seen visiting the school.”

“Yes, he is a school inspector,” answered Vicky.

“You are venturing into the realms of fantasy, we know the inspectors of the area.”

“He was working as an inspector when I first met him,” she replied calmly. “If he has changed positions he simply hadn’t told me.”

The lights went out plunging the room into darkness. Vicky held her breath and waited, soon a small series of lights switched on, she followed them and lead her to the fire exit. She pushed open the door stepped through and was absorbed by the cold winter night.

“So she is also being blackmailed,” said Andy.

“I think she thinks it is you behind the plot,” said Arthur. “Because she knows me and because of her position I was assigned to investigate.”

“You didn’t?”

“I had to consider it obviously,” replied Arthur, “but it seemed too obvious.”

“How do you think they got the material?”

“That’s easy,” said Arthur producing the memory card. “She accidentally left the memory card with the material in her office.” He raised an eyebrow to Andy who nodded at the implication.

“I may be able to help you,” said Andy and went on to explain about the man by the canal. He was interrupted by a text message from the church. “Oh it looks like Father Byrne’s meeting has…” He looked at Arthur, “sorry church business.”

Arthur produced a card and handed it to Andy, “if you can think of anything or if something is slipped you can contact me through that number.”

Vicky returned home and was greeted by an unmarked envelope, she opened it. It was a DVD, she slipped it in the player knowing exactly what was on it. She pressed play and watched the small extract unfold. It was followed by a message in bold letters. YOU WILL ARRANGE THE PRESENTATION CEREMONY FOR AN ESTEEMED PERSON’S VISIT OR THIS WILL BE UPLOADED TO THE SCHOOL NETWORK.

Arthur had made his way to the canal and was stealthly keeping to the shadows, a dog walker was ahead of him cleaning up after his hound by torchlight, something glistened on the water in the torchlight catching Arthur’s attention. When the dog walker was gone Arthur walked to the canal edge and found something large floating by the side, he produced his torch and shone it at the water. Floating in the water was the hobbo, a school tie knotted around his throat.


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