Share your World 25th February 2019

What, in your opinion, is the point to life?


To spread a little happiness?

What with recent times I think are we facing up to the fact we are living in a joyless, hopeless empty existence with no purpose, no release and no reward. We’re just insignificant dust on the table of the universe. Still you’ve got to laugh haven’t you?

What was your most recent lie? You don’t have to get really specific obviously.

Probably that I had remembered where I put something.

What country do you consider the strangest? (it’s all In fun folks, ALL countries may seem strange to outsiders)


I just can’t wrap my head around the inconstant aspects of America as a whole. I would guess this stems from having a country the size of a continent consisting of states big enough to be small European countries.

What’s your funniest story involving a car?

Not mine, but a former old flame was having a panic attack because she couldn’t open the petrol cap. She got a big burly man to try and he couldn’t do it. She phoned me and I asked “if you have central locking, unlock the car”. Problem solved. It wasn’t like she had had the car for 2 years….

Here is a funny car sketch


Do you have something you’re very thankful for or that showed immense kindness toward yourself or someone?

For Steve granting me this week mostly off.

Share Your World

4 thoughts on “Share your World 25th February 2019

  1. Great Share Your World this week! The car thing was HILARIOUS. I sometimes rent cars (if I’m going on long trips and don’t want the mileage on my own), and have had a bugger of a time trying to figure out how the damned gas lid/cap thingie opens. So now I just ask before I drive away. Also once in a rented car, I engaged the flashers (you know it makes all the turn lights blink on and off to warn drivers there’s a problem with the car). I had to drive quite a ways before someone clued me in as to how to turn those damned things off. I’m quite sorry for your friend!

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  2. thanks for being one of the few who comprehends that the US is basically a collection of mini-nations. And, yes, as a country we are REDONK puritanical… and hypocritical.

    never saw that skit before… quite funny!!


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