YDWP: By the Seaside

This is a quite deliberately staged photo in Cuba. I thought it’d be hilarious to sit on a beach in the Caribbean in a flat cap drinking a pint of Mild. In a dimpled handle glass too…

However the story behind the photo was a little more complex. First up I was travelling alone and thus needed to find someone to take the photo. Secondly the coastal wind was incredibly strong that day so it difficult to get the pose right. The flat cap certainly helped on the hair front I guess but because of the sea breeze it was a uncomfortable pose and the section of the beach I was one was rapidly falling under the tide. Note how compacted the Sand is right next to me.

Your Daily Word Prompt: Abroad


One thought on “YDWP: By the Seaside

  1. I always take a second to remember we in the US are the only peeps who can’t freely travel to Cuba. Soooo overdue to end that restriction!! Omaba lightened it but I think I recently read that Dotard is tightening it up again.


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