3TC: As the Crow Dies

Andy hated these early starts, who was together at this ungodly hour? You can still taste your toothpaste! He walked on towards work having taken a short cut through the Coppice and walking down Clover Road and mused to himself about an early night in the pub. He took another shortcut through the abandoned houses at the end. The more dangerous ones were closed off by fences but there was sufficient space to walk through. The estates kids often played in these abandoned dwellings, not so long ago he had persuaded a couple of kids who appeared to re-enacting that Star Cops programme that the demolished houses had been destroyed by a crashing spaceship. They were having none of it and had no idea what Star Cops was.

He heard a twig snap behind him and turned, there was someone emerging from the over growth.

“It is going to be one of those days,” muttered Dr. Webster to the orderly as he pushed in the gurney.

“Right fresh’un today gov,” said the Orderly. “If he were a pig you’d be able to make him into sausages.”

“Oh very droll Liam,” said Dr. Webster as he examined the tag on the cadaver. He frowned and scratched his chin.

“S’up gov?”

“It’s the man’s name… Do me a favour and ask Liz to come here will you.”

“Ok sir,” with that the orderly left. He needed to be sure and Liz would likely know, was this forth Andrew Crow to be found dead in as many months?

Three Things Challenge: toothpaste, spaceship, clover,


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