Treading the Boards ( NSFW)

Here is a interview in a local Theatre Groups news e-letter with my teacher friend Mrs A in regards to doing her nude scene. All materials reproduced with permission and I have taken out her actual name.

Interviewer: Hi Mrs A. You starred in a recent production of The Big Sleep. Did you enjoy it?
Mrs A: I did, I got a nice juicy role and some nice hardboiled dialogue.
I: Was this your first time as a leading lady?
Mrs A: Yes it was.
I: How did you find performing in front of the audience?
Mrs A: Nothing overtly different from my day job, you are performing to an audience when working as a teacher,
I: Teacher?
Mrs A: I teach English and Media Studies.
I: When you read the role were you aware you were playing for a part where the character and plot required you to be taking your clothes off?
Mrs A: I knew I would be doing at least one topless scene as I was offered the role because I have big boobs.
I: Was it a cause of concern for you?
Mrs A: I was a little concerned that a pupil or parent might come to see the play, but I’m a long way out from the school.
i: How did you find performing naked?
Mrs A: The first rehearsal I was very nervous and kept giggling as you can see in the behind the scenes photos.


I: Have you had any experience like this before?
Mrs A: Not myself, but about ten years ago I saw an ex-pupil in a play where he did a nude scene and I remember being a mix of shock at seeing him do it and admiration haing the gall for doing it.
I: Did he spot you?
Mrs A: Yes and he was rather shy when I approached him after the play..
I: Was he a favourite pupil?
Mrs A: He was very imaginative as a student but had terrible handwriting.
I: Did you enjoy his performance?
Mrs A: I did, I talked to him about his performance and I made a suggestion for the next performance. And I kind of asked a rather unteacherly question in regards to his casting.
I: Which was?
Mrs A: (laughing and Blushing) I asked him, “did they cast you because you’ve got a big dick?”
I: What did he do?
Mrs A: He blushed.
I: So did any of your pupils see the play?
Mrs A: No. Imagine the scandal but as a end of term treat I did jokingly tell the A level drama class I’d once been a play in which I took my top off.
I: what happened?
Mrs A: They didn’t believe me, or assumed it was a long time ago. 

I: Thank you for taking time for interview.


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