A Holiday for the Sandman

Last week was a late booked few days off work, it was a nice little recharge and some needed time doing naff all.


Sunday I did the double and went to both the Sunday Lunch time gig at Albrighton, which was the new band “Frog and Henry”, and the Evening gig at the Wild Pig in Shrewsbury which was the Severnside Jazz Band. Frog and Henry were a very good 1920s band complete with old fashioned microphone to give the vocals that slightly tinny sound of old records. Notably the band had a sax player who played the seldom seen Bass Saxophone… You can see why.


Monday was a lazy day in which I caught up with the Big Bang Theory and I must say that the series is now looking like it might drop the ball before the finale. The scripts are looking tired, as are the cast, I also feel that the decision to drop the arranged marriage sub-plot with Raj is a mistake. It could have been an interesting way to present a cultural aspect of Indian culture to an audience which is unfamiliar and critical of such a tradition.

Tuesday I met Heather in Town and we went for a nice walk around the Wenlock Edge, Thursday we went to the Black Country Living Museum which is similar to Blist’s Hill but covers a greater period of time, 1910s to the 1940s. There was a nice mine experience which reminded you that mining was not a job for those over six foot! On the way back we called in at the Crooked House which is a pub built on a site of subsidence and as a result is slanted. It doesn’t half mess with your perception…

Wednesday… I think I just chilled.

My return to work was heralded by a very busy weekend, that’s what you get for having a week off.

Last Friday Heather and I went to Cosford RAF Museum again and I had great fun in the Cold War section and Heather enjoyed looking at the old planes.

Here is a bit of Frog and Henry to close with:


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