Tell the Story Challenge #3

I was nominated by Chris Hall for the Tell the Story Challenge, this is the picture I was given


The rules:
Write a story about the picture you’re given.
Select 3 nominees.
Give them a new picture.

Say it with Flowers

Katie and Jim were walking down the country lane very aware that they were being observed by the friends who had set them up on the blind date… a blind date which had been set up so well that their friends hadn’t realised that Jim was Katie’s older half brother.

“Look if we say that we are related they won’t believe us,” said Katie.

“Well we better make a spectacle of ourselves,” replied Jim. “I’ll make a move and you… oh I don’t know… just don’t knee me in the balls.”

“Okay,” said Katie. She stood up rigid. “How dare you!” she shouted and thumped Jim with a lot of force on his head with the bunch of flowers they’d used to identify themselves. “Don’t you dare touch me!” she yelled again and thumped him again repeatedly and stormed off leaving Jim a little stunned.

“Well that’s going to leave a bruise,” he muttered rubbing his head. He smiled and made his way to the pub.

Okay, I nominate


Light Motfits

The Haunted Wordsmith

Here is your picture

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