The Dynamic Duo

Word of the Day Challenge: Team

That is Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson as played by Peter Cushing and Andre Morell in the 1959 Hammer Film adaption of Hound of the Baskervilles. It is a solid adaption with several liberties taken with story, one of which improves the way the villain is uncovered. Christopher Lee guests as Sir Henry Baskerville and Frances de Wolf and Ewen Solon have significant roles.

I strongly recommend this to fans of Hammer and Sherlock Holmes.

5 thoughts on “The Dynamic Duo

  1. One of my visits to the cinema with my mum to see the film at the age of about 13-14. I was a Sherlock Holmes fan and had read all the books by then so it was a must for me. I remember it was Peter Cushing and Andre Morell playing the roles. Since then it had been shown on the TV in England a few times

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    • Peter Cushing would reprise the role of Holmes for the BBC about 10 years later, and the Hound of the Baskervilles was done as a two parter and was truer to the source material. However, Nigel Stock’s Watson is rather weak and wooden which is an issue in a story which heavily depends on Watson carrying the story

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      • I never saw that version. I would have then been 23 years old, already then in Switzerland and even had my first baby bump. Such films would not be shown so much in mainland Europe. However I found Peter Cushing was a dead ringer for Holmes.


      • It is available on BBC DVD in a three disc box set. Unfortunately most of the Cushing series was a victim of the BBC archive purge with only six episodes surviving. However the previous series which had Douglas Wilhmer in the role of Holmes mostly survives

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