RDP: In the Snow

The power was out but the fires were still roaring, the hotel staff had responded to the situation well and were already on their way to the emergency generator and the Manager had gone to the radio room and was sending out distress calls. Obviously it was still a bit chaotic on the frequencies from other places affected by the Avalanche.

Teresa was in the bar helping the staff light some candles and clearing the limited damages. She looked out at the upturned snow and debris outside, it was lucky that the hotel was on the edge of mountain town.

“There are rescue teams on their way,” said the Manager as he entered, “but it is going to take a while, there are people in a much worse situation than us.”

“I can believe that,” said Teresa. Something caught her eye. There was something reflecting the moonlight in the snow. “What’s that?” she asked.

The manager squinted, “I’m not sure. Jimmy get a torch.” The barman disappeared behind the counter and produced a strong torch and shone it into the darkness.

“It looks like a man,” said Teresa. She crossed to the door and tested it, the door was stiff.

“What are you doing?” called a socialite from the bar. “It’s freezing out there.”

“Yes,” replied the Manager, “and there someone injured out there. They could freeze to death.” He looked at Jimmy, “call the infirmary and get the doctor and a stretcher down here.” He issued instructions to various people in the bar and when the stretcher arrived a small party made their way out into the snow. About 15 minutes they returned with figure wrapped in blankets. Teresa was the first to approach him and she had a pot of hot soup in her hands. The Manager went to gesture her to stop but he was too late as she tugged at the blanket. She gasped. This was definitely a man, but he was dressed in sort of armoured garment, like a Viking or a knight. She looked at the Manager who shrugged… but there was something else. The face was obscured by an encompassing helmet and a large degree of frost… but the skin appeared to be thick and leathery… almost reptilian.

“Any ideas?” the manager finally asked.


Ragtag Daily Prompt: Avalanche


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