Oh So Way/Oh No Way

From a guy called bloke

Talked to a complete stranger about life.

oh so way- it is part of the parcel of running a bar.

Gone skydiving

Oh no way- and have no desire to do so either. Ever!

Got a tattoo

Oh no way- I have thought about it but as of yet no. I don’t like the thought that they are essentially forever.

Had an allergic reaction

Oh so way- Once at Christmas- I discovered I was allergic to scallops.

Cried while watching a movie

Oh no way- surprisingly no, though I did get a bit misty eyed when Candy has his dog shot in “Of Mice and Men”

Gotten gum stuck in my hair

Oh no way- I’m not that sort of guy… oh I see, GUM

Fallen asleep in the sun and gotten burned

Oh no way- I’ve been sitting in pool bars and got burned though



Cuba November 2014. The consequences of sitting in the pool bar for two hours

Over-plucked my eyebrows

oh no way

Been in a haunted house

oh sort of way. Do pubs count? Certainly there were rumours of Ghosties and Ghoulies at both the Kynnersley Arms and the Horseshoes. Every now and again we’d catch something in the corner of our eyes or in the mirrors.

Fallen asleep during sex

oh no way- though one of ex’s did decided to get a bit handsy while I was sleeping.

Wore a whipped cream bikini

Oh no way

Been to an “adult store”

oh no way-

Felt the presence of “paranormal activity”

erm not sure way- it might have just been indigestion

Asked someone when they were due when they weren’t pregnant

Oh so way- he was not impressed.

Seen a sex therapist

Oh no way

Burst out laughing at a really inappropriate time

Oh so way- mostly at school.

Called someone the wrong name

oh so way- many many times

Walked in on a stranger who was butt naked

surprisingly oh no way.  I have had it happen to me a few times though.

Said you were minutes away when you haven’t even left the house yet

Oh no way



One thought on “Oh So Way/Oh No Way

  1. I’m no on skydiving, falling asleep during sex, asked if someone was pregnant (but been asked), and seen a sex therapist… though I recently learned that someone I know on fb is a sex therapist. The rest are SOO SOO way!!


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