The House Always Wins

Ibbotson was out of breath and  his joints aching, despite the daily morning run he was struggling with the race. All the boys from his house were cheering him on and although he knew he shouldn’t he glanced behind him. Many of the boys were a long way behind, maybe he could afford to slow the pace a little. He looked into the crowd and saw Ian giving him the evil eye, there was no chance of slowing down the pace. Ibbotson sped on.


The finishing tape was broken and Ibbotson finally was able to rest, the other boys in the house were cheering him. Mr Bunter, the head of sports, beckoned him to podium and presented him with the gold medal and Ibbotson made a short acceptance speech.


It was in the lunchbreak that Ian approached Ibbotson, everyone was scared of Ian- even the hard boys in the other houses- he was even listed in the school boy positions as being the School Bully.

“You run well Ibbotson,” said Ian. “I see you are in the boxing club.”

“Yes Ian,”

“Well I want you to take on Bailey in next week’s match,”


“You are relatively new, it won’t be seen as suspicious if you fall in the third round.”

“You want the house to lose?” asked Ibbotson

“Oh we won’t lose,” said Ian. “The house always wins.. in the end.”

There was something in Ian’s tone of voice which told Ibbotson there was a sinister agenda behind his request, was it down to the school black-market? Very probably.

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Yes you will.”


Genre Challenge: School Story

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