FOWC: Before the Party

Lady Midnight looked around tge decorated hall and smiled, young Krissy had a splendid job of kitting the place out for Halloween. Wisely she had choosen an Adams Family theme for her costume, she looked sadly at Geoffrey’s vacant seat- he would have made an excellent Gomez. Krissy arrived, not yet in costume and studying the guest list.

“Have you briefed the doorman to be firm on gatecrashers?” asked Lady Midnight.

“Yes,” nodded Krissy, “I have told him to beware of insistent yokels.”

“Very drole,” replied Lady Midnight.

“I think you should costume yourself up later and made a grand entrance of revealing your costume.”

Lady Midnight looked down at herself, “You might be right.”

“I have invited a couple of friends of mine to the party,” began Krissy.

“I trust your judgement,” replied Lady Midnight. “I am going to change to something more formal to welcome the guests.”

Lady Midnight returned to her chamber and began to undress, two more total strangers attending. That would benefit things a lot…

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Beware

PHOTO ©The Pinup Academy


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