Will Sandman Go Septic Despite Listening to Classical Music?

It’s only been a week or so since my holiday and already it seems a long time ago. I haven’t seen Heather as she has been down in London, so it’s been a bit of a week twiddling my thumbs in my spare time.
Bookwise I was full of Jubilation to find that “The Revenant Express” by George Mann has *finally* hit the shelves, having been seemingly indefinitely delayed since 2014. This is the fifth novel in his Newbury and Hobbes series, though a short story collection did help plug the gap. Quite what te delay was , I don’t know but it is nice to have it out. I also purchased “From Russia with Love” by Ian Fleming which is the sixth of the James Bond books and is proving to be an entertaining read.

Monday I saw “Captain Marvel” at the cinema and it was quite good. The 90s nostalgia which seemed like it was a major part in various trailers proved not to be that much of an element but there were a number of in jokes. The plot was fairly simple and there is a bait and switch which is so obvious I thought the twist would be it wouldn’t happen. Kudos to the CGI team who did a mostly cracking job of deaging Samuel L Jackson to be the young Nick Fury. The action set pieces are great.. But… This may just be me, but when Captain Marvel’s powers begin to hold it looked very much like the regeneration effect used in 21st century Doctor Who.

Music wise I bought “What’s It All About? ” which is a solo guitar album by Pat Metheny and as the name suggests, one of the songs on the album is “Alfie”. When at the Frog and Henry gig I made a purchase of three albums at a stall there to help with financing the club. I bought a live Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers CD which features Wynton Marsallis on Trumpet, a Chick Corea Electric Band compilation, and Jimmy Rushing wirh Humphrey Lytteton and his Band which is a collection of airshots for the BBC possibly fir the Jazz Club program.

And Finally
What is brown and rhymes with Snoop Dog?

Dr Dre


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