3TC/Genre Challenge: The St. Bartholomew Caper

The Ruby sat on display in the case as a centre piece to the exhibition drawing attention to itself like a crimson lighthouse. An overweight American tourist was noisely chomping on a tray of cheese covered Tortilla chips and showering the exhibit with a dusting of crumbs. Gervase walked purposefully around the exhibition, his cane gently rapping against the floor. He was noting the positions of the security cameras and noting the cycles of the security guards. He knew the Ruby would be transferred to the vault for the evening and that would be the best time to grab the Ruby. It would be a simple case of posing as a guard for transfer. He knew there was a grate which could be accessed via the Riverbed which run beneath the foundations of the museum. It’d be a simple bait and switch and he could collect the Ruby from where it was situated…. The fools wouldn’t realise it had been switched until the presentation the following afternoon. Gervase smiled, this was almost too easy.

From the Haunted Wordsmith’s genre Challenge: Heists and Capers

And Light motifs Three Things Challenge: Tortilla, Vault, Riverbed

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