3TC: The Spirit of Django

“Who’d have thought 15 years ago we’d be sitting in a flash hotel for a champagne and Cavair breakfast,” mused Jac.

“Yes, 15 years ago we barely had a pot to piss in,” countered Robyn hoping that this conversation wouldn’t descend into version of the Four Yorkshire Men sketch.

Jac took a sip from her flute and smiled as the reporter approached.

“Ms Ryder and Ms. Loxley,” said the reporter. “I represent Jazz Journal and we’d just like to ask you a few questions.”

“Go on,” said Jac.

“I overheard that you were in bad financial strains fifteen years ago,” he began.

“Yes, we were down to our last pennies and Robyn was about to get a job with the Royal Mail,” she began.

Robyn picked up the story, “out of desperation Jac started working as a… Different sort of Entertainer,”

“.. but our fortunes began to change. I was on my way to my first ‘appointment’ and I took a short cut through the forest. As I walked I heard the sound of a guitar being tuned at regular intervals, so I followed the sound and I found a small middle aged gypsy sitting under the tree tuning the guitar. What was odd was he only had three fingers on his left hand but was playing immaculately. ”

“He made an offer to Jac that would bring her success. Somehow when she returned her, own guitar playing was different somehow. ”

“It wasn’t plain sailing,” continued Jac. “I still had to the other job for about 18 months.”

“Finally after alot of toil and playing at dodgy boozers, a red from Jazz Time records signed us.”

“And now you are receiving a life time achievement award,” replied the reporter.

Light Motfits Three Thing Challenge: Guitar, Forest, Cavair

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