Double or Quit

One-Ten trundled around the office impatiently, how much longer were they going to be. She clicked the intercom on her chair, “Miss Lime is there any message from Arthur or Julia?”

“Sorry ma’am, not a sque…. Scratch that. They have just arrived.”

“Send them through at one,” One-Ten barked.

A moment later the door opened and the dynamic duo entered.

“Oh so you have got up at last! I dispair with you sometimes. How on Earth are you going to stay ahead of the enemy if you can’t even get to a briefing on time?” she growled.

“I have worked in the service for 14 years and I have managed to stay ahead of the opposition so far,” replied Arthur calmly.

“You’ve not worked for me before ,” One-Ten retorted, “I expect people to stick to schedule, unlike my predecessor.”

“Well since this is the briefing, why don’t you cut to the chase?” chirped Miss Sevenpenny.

“Arthur, you were part of the network that set up the Artemis pipeline were you not?”

“That is correct,” replied Arthur.

“Well it has been compromised somewhere, four of our agents and three defectors using the pipe have been murdered in the past three months, and we have ten agents reported missing.”

Arthur’s demeanour changed, “compromised? Where?”

“That’s what we need to find out, we have chartered transportation for you and we will be dropping you in the middle east.” One-Ten stated.

“What intel do we have?” asked Sevenpenny.

“Very little, all we know is that the leak was reported by an operative with the call signal, le Chien Gris.”

Genre Writing Challenge: Espionage


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