Ask me anything

Inspired by a Guy called Bloke

QQ – As Me a Question, Anything You Like!

Yes, that’s right, ask me a question anything you like, it doesn’t matter what it is, what genre, what topic – it can be about anything …. but what’s the catch l hear you ask?

That your question is a question you wouldn’t mind answering yourself?

Drop your questions below.

6 thoughts on “Ask me anything

  1. How do you deal with people who have clearly had way too much to drink and start behaving badly at the pub? (Does it happen much?)

    Do you have to do food prep at work? Or are you more up front with preparing drinks at the bar?

    Do you bake?

    Where are your favourite places to go walking/hiking?

    Have you been to Ronnie Scotts?

    What would you recommend to someone who is new to jazz?


    • 1. On the whole it doesn’t happen at the Down. In other pubs it has happened and mostly resolved by intervention of the verbal nature. Of course it depends on the nature of the bad behaviour. I had one time when I girl flashed her boobs. I was not a popular barman that night.

      2. I have to do desserts during the week or if I am on a section as I was today. Doing desserts is pretty standard. While at the Kynn I did some kitchen work when we were short on kitchen staff and we literally had a traniee commis chef in the kitchen. That was not a night I enjoyed.

      3. I do occasionally.

      4. Living in Shropshire there are many hills and valleys to walk and Wales is only an hours drive away. Nesscliffe and the Wrekin are frequent walks. I love the Peak District and the Yorkshire Peaks, I spent a good four days in November 2017 in Last of the Summer Wine country.

      I have, way back in 2005. Manu Debangu was the main act.

      Ahh that’s a tricky one. It would really depend on the person. But I think I would start by pointing them at various Jazz compilations which showcase a variety of styles.
      I think it would be easier to say what I wouldn’t recommend to a newbie. It is worth mentioning I am planning a 40 albums for a jazz library series soon

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