Haha This a-way


This week has been a bit of a mixed week for me, it got off to a bit of a false start thanks to Heather forgetting that public transport in Shropshire is nowhere near as efficient as it down the smoke, meaning her arrival in Telford was an hour later then planned. This was unfortunate as I was due in at work at 5pm meaning that we didn’t have a lot of time together, a double bugger because it was going to be our last meeting before she goes back to London for surgery, followed by three weeks of rest and recuperation in which she prefers not to be visited. However there has been a change of plan and Heather won’t be going to London until Sunday so we have a bit more time together. While waiting for her to arrive I popped into HMV and purchased a few items.

I had last Saturday off and as luck would have it there was a free entry Jazz gig at the Wightman Theatre in Shrewsbury so naturally I made my way across town. The band was the Chicago Swing Katz whom I have seen before many times at their regular venue The Wild Pig, naturally there was a lot of pushing of their Sunday gigs, it was a pleasant way to spend a lunchtime and one can’t say that seeing a monkey dance on the piano is a typical Shrewsbury pastime. On my way back I purchased a couple of books; The Railway Detective by Edward Marston and a collection of short stories by HG Wells.

I discovered this week that Blues legend Leadbelly sang the theme-song to the children’s show Wizbit*. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Wizbit, it was a show which I believe was created by magician Paul Daniels and was a about magician who was a talking yellow cone and his friend who was a giant rabbit, there was also a talking bog as well. I strongly suspect there may have been mind altering substances consumed when the show was created.

In entertainment news, I came across cheap copies of the Complete Series of Van der Valk and Secret Army. Van der Valk was a British series set in Holland and starred Barry Foster as the titular head of Amsterdam CID and believe it or not the Theme Tune topped the pop chart in the 1970s, though I think that may said more about the chart of the time then the quality of the music.


Secret Army is a show I caught as a rerun ages ago and is a very solid series; it is set during the Second World War in occupied Belgium and the secret army of the title is the resistance movement who help Allied aircrew return home despite the threat of the Third Reich. The main characters are a cafĂ© and restaurant owner, his mistress, a young waitress and a British agent code named Yvette. The main nemesis is a short Gestapo officer and there are a couple of German Soldiers who although technically are villains because they are the other side but aren’t downright villainous. Now I am sure some of you are reading this and saying “I think Sandman is thinking of Allo Allo”, well you might think that and with good reason, Allo Allo was a pastiche of the series.

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